Saturday, January 1, 2011

To Sum It All Up.

I meant to do this last week but dropped the ball. It's funny to look back and see everything I did in 2010. So here it goes- the highlights of 2010:

In January,  we got snowed in at Chapel Hill!

February was a big month...I was in the NY Times, turned 22,  enjoyed the Olympics and went to a UNC vs. Duke basketball game.

March was less eventful. I celebrated St. Patrick's day in Winston-Salem with my roommates.

In April, I bid adieu to pants and decided to move to Greenville.

In May, I graduated from UNC!

June was the month I moved to Greenville and began classes.

In July, I went to a local farmers market in Greenville.

I made some Augustutions in August.

In September, I was in my friend Anna's beautiful wedding.

I met Matt & Kim in October.

In November,  I ventured to NYC.

December was jam-packed. I went to Georgia for another beautiful wedding and then got snowed in the day after Christmas.

Hope you had a great New Year's Eve!

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