Sunday, November 14, 2010

A day in NYC.

Allison enjoying her Ray's pizza

The original Ray's at 6th and 11th.

My first Broadway show! 
Such a tourist shot.
These are the only pics I took from our long day in the city yesterday! I guess I got swept up in people-watching and forgot to pull out the camera.

We got lunch at the original Ray's pizza, saw "Elf" on Broadway, watched part of the UNC game at Brother Jimmy's and then went shopping on 5th Avenue.  (Not the expensive stores, mind you)  The only thing I bought was a $10 silk glasses case from Anthropologie which I plan to use as a wallet. 

Also, I had a jaw-dropping experience. At the beginning of "Elf," Santa mentioned something about the East Carolina vs. Boise game. I couldn't believe it. I mean, honestly, what are the chances Santa would mention my school? 

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  1. Ah, NYC:-) I was there a month ago & I miss it so much! Cute pics!


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