Sunday, January 31, 2010


It snowed! And for real this time. Enough to keep me and all the housemates cozied up for the past 2 days in our house. Enough for a substantial amount of people to put the title of this post as their Facebook status. Enough for the mall to be closed so I didn't have to work!

Yesterday, we woke up to pancakes courtesy of Meller and then went on a walk around campus taking pictures. We even got onto the field in Kenan Stadium! While exploring we met this photographer, Jason Arthurs, who snapped some shots of us playing on the field. Later he told us that he's working on an article for the NY Times. Here's the link to see some of his photography. I always knew my 15 minutes of fame would happen...

I just can't get over how great a good thick layer of snow looks on (almost) everything. For that matter, I can't believe how snow makes everyone go a little bit crazy. Just to give you an idea of it all, a guy skiied down the street in front of our house yesterday!

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