Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finnigan's Wake

208 celebrated St. Patrick's Day a little bit early. On Saturday, 4/7 of the house went to a bar called Finnigan's Wake in Winston-Salem (or "the dash" as some people call it). Probs won't do it again next year but it made for some fun stories.

We watched Irish dancers (the little girls in the picture are beginners and so cute), ate Irish food and listened to AMERICAN music. Well, I guess there were some bagpipes and kilts. We managed to keep our sanity there for 11 hours before calling it quits and heading back to Danielle's house to watch Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance."

The next morning, rhythm knocked and Danielle and I answered. Our intentions were to do some morning yoga before heading back to Chapel Hill but we ended up grooving to some motown classics. We used some of the tricks we learned from Michael Flatley the night before. Our St. Patrick's Day spirit is through the roof!

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