Thursday, October 21, 2010

Matt & Kim concert.

Donnis, the opener

The king and queen, as Donnis called them.

Me, Kim and Vanessa
Me, Matt and Vanessa

25 thoughts about seeing Matt & Kim in concert at Cat's Cradle:

1. Matt and Kim's new album sounds awesome!
2. Teenagers sure have gotten tall these days.
3. A rapper (Donnis) opening for an indie band? Weirdsies.
4. I like this rapper friend's cardigan.
5. Kim can dance!
6. Teenagers have perfected the fist pump...though I'm not sure it's appropriate here.
7. Kim has the biggest smile I've ever seen.
8. Matt is a jokester.
9. Matt just said "Bieber bangs."
10. Matt watches Gossip Girl!
11. Matt did not like getting naked in NYC in February for this video.
12. That girl's mother would never have let her come to this concert if she'd known she was going to dance like that.
13. Matt is very bendy.
13. Playing the drums must give you killer arms because Kim has a gun show going on.
14. Matt and Kim like to give each other high-fives. 
15. Matt thinks Kim has a "fine-ass ass."
16. Matt and Kim have balloons with their faces on them!
17. Matt must do yoga because he keeps playing his piano in a headstand sort of position.
18. Bangover= headache from head banging
19. If they keep playing all their songs this fast, this concert's only going to last about 40 minutes.
20. "Daylight" is even catchier live.
21. Oh no, I have a crush on a married man.
22. And an even bigger crush on his wife. 
23. Somehow, magically, Kim is not sweaty after banging on the drums for 2 hours.
24. Matt gives exceptionally good hugs.
25. (after looking at the above pictures) Why didn't I squint so as not to look like a crazed stalker in these pictures with Matt & Kim?

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