Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evolution of cars.

Elementary school: I wanted a purple Mustang with flames down the side.  My sister's boyfriend had a 'stang and I loved it. Thank goodness I grew out of wanting flames on a car.
Middle school: I yearned for a royal blue Ford Taurus. No reason for this one other than the color is awesome and shined in sunlight! 

Early high school: My friend's parents had an Escalade and it was the comfiest car I'd ever been in.
Late high school/College: When I got my license, I just knew my parents would buy me one of these. They didn't. Instead they bought Libby the GrandAm. 
Grad school: There was a lady who shopped at the mall where I used to work who drove one of these and I always thought it was adorable. Whenever I see them around Greenville now, I just want to ask if they'll take me on a joy ride in  this bad boy.
ALL THE TIME: This car would be the ultimate indie-mobile, don't you think? Sure it's a gas guzzler but it'd sure show up those girls who think vintage dresses make them hipsters. 

 This is the evolution of cars I have wanted throughout my lifetime. I know nothing about their engines, their makes, models, etc but I do know that I'm glad my parents never bought me a car with flames down the side...even if it did cause quite a few arguments circa fifth grade. 

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