Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm alive.

Y'all. This past week has been crazy- in both good and bad ways.

Bad news first:

School got very hectic very quickly (5 exams and 4 projects in 2 weeks) but after Friday I will be done and onto second summer break. On Sunday night, I never even went to sleep because I had so much to do. That's no way to live!

My southern accent is thickening. How do I make it stop? I now say that I live in Green-vull. Dang it.

The good news:
I finally moved into my bachelorette pad with Meredith and Sandy! It's perfect and even though we are still working on settling in, it's looking better everyday. Also, I taught my very first lesson today and it went well. It's nice to know I might actually be good in this profession.

Good night! I'm off to read the book I just started.

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