Friday, August 5, 2011



It's August and you know what that means...AUGUSTUTIONS! I was just looking over the ones I made last year and noticed that there were several I totally forgot about somewhere along the way. I hate when that happens but maybe I should add a resolution to memorize my resolutions? 

Several of the ones I've decided on this year seem a little more like goals than resolutions but need to be done anyway. Call me Alanis Morissette because here comes another list:

  1. Find a job. 
  2. Read no less than two books every month. I'm not even going to say these have to be pieces of classic literature. They just have to be above an eighth grade reading level. One day I hope to read as many as Abby.
  3. Feel less guilty about my "guilty" pleasures. My name is Courtney and I enjoy romantic comedies, contemporary novels, iced coffee, and online shopping.
  4. Spend more time listening than talking. 
  5. Shop more in my closet than in stores. The process of moving brings it to my attention how many clothes I own and how few of them I actually wear. The only things I'm really lacking are dress clothes, which will hopefully come after finding a job.
  6. Read the entire Bible. Once in college, my New Testament professor asked our class who had read the entire Harry Potter series and nearly everybody raised his or her hand. Next he asked who had read the entire Bible. Out of 300 people, less than 10 raised their hands. His last question was if we were Christians. A majority of the room raised their hands and Ehrman quite simply said,"So you think the Bible is the inspired word of God and you chose to read Harry Potter instead?" Boom. Roasted.
  7. Stop feeling entitled to things because I have a Masters degree. And stop working it into casual conversations that I have one. To date, the only people impressed this second degree are my parents and even they're losing interest. 
  8. Wear heels at least once a week. My friend Hannah is a huge advocate of wearing heels and since I trust her opinion on just about everything, I'm going to take her advice. 
  9. Wear lipstick on a regular basis. Recently I've noticed how incredible lipstick looks on women. It's the easiest way to spruce up your face in less than 60 seconds.
  10. Memorize a map of the world. You know how you just nod along sometimes in conversations when you're unsure of what's being talked about? That's the way I feel pretty much every time geography is brought up.
I'm heading to Chapel Hill this weekend to see some college friends get married! Hope you have an excellent weekend. 

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