Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two weeks.

Hello! Sorry it's been awhile. I have a lot to tell you guys about the past two weeks. Nothing is too fact some of it is downright boring but you don't mind, do you?

Here goes the list:

*Gap here in Greenville closed, leaving my jobless.

* Before it closed I had to ride in a U-Haul with 2 other people and deliver furniture to 5 stores across NC. It took 14 hours and forever scarred me from entering a career in delivery and/or truck driving. 

* On January 31st, I began teaching a senior English class. Our first order of business was epics, beginning with Beowulf. It was a rough first day and I spent most of the afternoon on the verge of tears. 

*Later that night, there was a question on Jeopardy about epics! I rejoiced.

*On February 1st, I told students about said Jeopardy question but apparently they have no interest in trivia game shows. By the end of the period, two of them called me the know which one I'm talking about. Awesome.

*Last Friday, I got a paper cut in between my pointer and middle finger on my left hand. It made me think of all "would you rather" questions that involve having paper cuts in between all your fingers. 

* This past Sunday my throat began burning unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I also woke up at 3 am because I thought I heard seagulls bickering outside my window. I deemed it a late night thought that was most likely a misconception and went about my sleeping. 

*On Monday I went to school as usual but my throat became worse as the day progressed. I ended up waiting three hours at Urgent Care to find out that I had pharyngitis and a sinus infection.

*While driving to the doctor, I passed a man feeding seagulls about a block from my apartment and realized my late night misconception may not have been a misconception at all.

*For the past two days, there has been a very mysterious alarm-type sound coming out of my desk but I have yet to figure out what it is or why it is making noise. 

* I have decided I want to open up a cupcakes & beer bakery/brewery. 

*And tonight I watched the UNC vs. Duke basketball game, the one sports event I can't miss. Too bad it had a terrible ending.

There you have it, the past two weeks in a nutshell. Any questions?

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good past two weeks, minus the sickness and the being on the verge of tears and your students calling you a B*. But believe me I understand as I subsitute taught for awhile and those kids are NO joke!. You are doing awesome though!!


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