Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Music: Mumford & Sons

Album cover

My first choice for October music was Mumford & Sons. I heard bits and pieces of them this summer but what really sealed the deal was a music video on MTV. Sure it's shallow but I'm glad something finally pushed me over the edge to buy the album.

The first eight or nine times I listened to it, I was a little bored because some of the songs are slow at the start but picked up later on. I kept dragging my feet about making a judgment and I'm glad I did because now I love it. While driving back from Raleigh the other day, it hit me how good it was!

If I had to describe their sound to someone, it'd be a mix of the Avett Brothers and Kings of Leon...not a bad combination in my opinion- which is precisely what all of this is.

Best songs: "The Cave," "Little Lion Man," "White Blank Page"

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