Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FDOC: Fall 2010

Fall classes began today. It rained and my car broke, just to set the tone a little bit.

Let me refresh your memory of my Greenville history. On my first day of classes back in June, my computer crashed. Now, this resulted in getting a Mac so I was mostly okay with it. Today, my car battery died 40 minutes before class started. After a 15 minute battle with it and a brief heated argument with my dad, I finally was able to drive to class but spent it worrying over whether my car would start at the end . Tomorrow morning will be spent getting a new battery. Guess I won't be doing any shopping in the near future!

Meredith and I are slowly growing resentful at being woken up at sunrise every morning. By the time 7 am rolls around, even on dreary days like today, both of us have thrown in the towel on attempting to get any more sleep. But honestly, who can complain about too much sunlight? It's like saying your diamond shoes are too tight. Or like having a white girl problem.

You know what people could complain about? This epic traffic jam.

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