Friday, July 9, 2010

Overheard in Greenville.

I had a rough morning. After waking up late for the 3rd day in a row, I dropped both my contacts onto the bathroom floor and only managed to find 1 of them. Then I went on to mysteriously kick my trashcan right over while attempting to put lotion on my legs.

Unfortunately, I had mouthwash in which I proceeded to spew on some of the trash I had just spilled. This uproar made me forget to put on facial moisturizer and I've spent the morning worrying over whether or not my face will get sunburned. Geez.

It didn't put a damper on my spirits though because I have overheard several quality conversations in the past week and IT'S FRIDAY!

Overheard on campus:

"I'm going to shoot myself in the head if one more person asks me to go to the beach."- Really? Going to the beach is that troublesome?

Girl#1- "You need to get tested! Your eggo might be preggo."
Girl #2- "Yeah, I'm pretty busy today though."

And finally, in class today, all the adults tried to define what constitutes an emo kid. In all their middle-aged glory, they came up with these characteristics: very thin, wear black, guys hold hands with girls, kind of goth and guys only wear skinny jeans even though they aren't gay. The last comment was "Yeah, and they listen to Panic! At the Disco."

Boy oh boy, what a morning.

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