Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brainy muffins.

Turns out moving to Greenville doesn't make you a better baker.

I tried to make some banana chocolate chip muffins today and they ended up looking like miniature brains and had the texture of them too. Don't worry though, they are still delicious!

I'm so glad it's the weekend. Today I only had one class from 2-4 but the fellow future English teachers gathered at Starbucks to talk about literature and critique each other's work for class. I am working on a unit for To Kill A Mockingbird. This was the most hipster-esque thing I've done since being in Greenville, so I celebrated by wearing a plaid dress and TOMS.

My mom will surely be glad when I have friends here. I have called her everyday to talk about things she is genuinely uninterested in, such as nail polish, what I want at my hypothetical wedding and shoes. Then I go on to harass her by asking her questions about everything I can think of. She is forced to give me a rundown of everybody's day from my Poptart (grandpa) to Barney Antoine (the dog). Luckily she's a great mom and doesn't seem to mind too much.

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