Monday, August 31, 2009

Average? I don't think so.

Earlier this summer, a friend of mine introduced me to a new website that has now become one of my favorite pick-me-ups. Just when I was getting tired of and all the negativity it brought into the world, a little bit of sunshine was let in by . Don't let the title mislead you, the stories on this website are anything but average.

Several times a day, the site is updated with short blurbs that consistently make me laugh. Check it out if you're in the mood for a good chuckle (and honestly, are you ever NOT in the mood for that?).

A couple of my favorites from today are:
"Today I had a day off. I went to IKEA dressed as a lion and hid in a cupboard, welcoming people to Narnia every time they opened the doors. Best day off ever. MLIA."

"Today, I took a test in science class. One of the questions was "What is arguably the most dangerous element?" I said the element of surprise. I got extra credit. MLIA."

I tried to come up with a clever one for myself but it turns out my life actually is average and not absolutely hilarious.

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