Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 is almost over.

Standing outside Obama's viewing box for the inaugural parade in DC
Despite my best efforts, I turned 25
Crafting Easter eggs
Enjoying good music, food, and company at Googa Mooga with free VIP tickets.  Later in the trip, I met Matthew Broderick. 
Reliving Rocky's glory days in Philly.

Me and my wedding date, using as many photo props as possible.

I found myself back in DC, riding bikes in front of the White House with these two patriotic beauts. 

Grandma and Papa celebrated 65 years of being married

One of my first days of teaching, taking selfies in the staff bathroom

Celebrating Melissa's engagement to Vance

Oliver and I dressed up as Charlie Brown and Snoopy for a Halloween party

I attended my very first country concert...and enjoyed it. 

In November, my oldest sister had her first baby the day before Thanksgiving.

In December, I played bingo and had lunch with my grandma's church group consisting of many older women who are avid supporters of both bingo and a modest lunchtime

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