Sunday, November 10, 2013

Copy Cat: D&G Glitter Frames

When I was shopping for glasses a few months ago,  I came across something incredible. GOLD GLITTER CATEYE FRAMES! I was overjoyed but in the end didn't like they way they fit my face. 


D&G DG3167 Frames, $179 at Lenscrafters

I ended up buying these in crystal sand (no longer available) but stumbled across more glitter frames from Bonlook in their holiday collection. It's tempting not to go for yet another pair of glasses, especially when they're less than $100.

 "Selfie" frame in caviar, $99 at Bonlook 
(anti-reflective lens included)

When I bought my frames from Bonlook, I was worried that they would look or feel cheap or break on a moment's notice. The day I got them, I was in a wreck where my car rolled. My glasses were nowhere to be found but later we found them in the very back of my car, unscathed. So if you're worried about the quality, don't be! 

Other frames that are tempting me right now:

Chatty Cathy frame in party blue, $99 at Bonlook

Kitty frame in black/clear, $95 (lens included!) at Lookmatic

Maxine frame in beige, $95 (lens included!) at Lookmatic

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