Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What to Expect & Copy Cat

Alright guys, I have an announcement. Instead of having two blogs (that aren't updated enough), I'm going to start posting more on this one, which means that you  might be seeing a lot more about clothes and whatever else crosses my mind. For a long time, I thought that caring about clothes and trends was synonymous with "idiot" and shyed away from "fashion" blogging. I've grown up a lot this year and have done/am doing a lot of things I thought I never would, like being in a classroom with 30 middle schoolers and actually teaching them something. Wow. Anyway, all this is to say: expect more clothes. 

And just to add to the word never-ending paragraph about clothes, I'm going to go ahead and introduce something I used to do on my other blog called Copy Cat. The gist is this: I like expensive things but can't always be dishing out all my cash for a pair of shoes or a dress. So I do the obvious and search for a cheaper alternative.  So without further ado....

The Splurge
 The Save

$30 cheaper and practically identical. Which ones would you choose?

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