Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 8 Celebrities I Saw in NYC

Last week when I was in NYC, I just kept seeing celebrities beginning with my flight from Raleigh to NYC. That's pretty much all I've ever wanted from a vacation: encounters with fame and fortune. There were 8 and here they are:
1. Jennifer Connelly sat beside me (and breastfed) on the plane to NYC. FYI- she was not actually looking at the camera when this picture was taken.

2. Ed Begley, Jr. was at the same Broadway show I went to see. Elizabeth and I had better seats than him.

3. Jerry O'Connell was one of the actors in "Seminar," a hilarious play Elizabeth and I saw on Broadway. 

4. Justin Long (!!!!!!!) was also in the play and one of the nicest people ever! His hand is on my shoulder. What a dream.

5. Jeff Goldblum and I actually didn't meet but rather made eye contact before he walked the other direction. His loss, right?

6. Zoe Lister Jones (not pictured) was also in "Seminar" and absolutely adorable/humble when she came out to sign autographs after the show.

7. Rudy Boesch  (not pictured) from "Survivor" walked by me on the High Line but I couldn't place who he was until later. Season 1 was the only season of "Survivor" I've ever seen.

8. Andrew WK (not pictured) deejayed at his club, Santos Party House, in Chinatown. He was an excellent DJ but overall, it was a pretty bizarre time. Guess I'm not ready to be a rockstar just yet...

That's it for the celebrities but I also got to check out Carrie Bradshaw's apartment and pretend that I am both rich and trendy!

Long live spring break!

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