Monday, August 29, 2011


I began college in August of 2006 and since then had 23 roommates (that's one for every year I've been alive), four of whom I shared a room with, in six different places. 

Freshman year: Ehringhaus dorm in Chapel Hill with Jolene. Apparently, we took absolutely no pictures together, though we enjoyed each other's company. This might be because I relied on disposable cameras for most of freshman year. Jolene was one of those quiet but funny people who had me laughing all the time. She also LOVED the color pink and would buy anything, regardless of its purpose, in that color. We lived in a totally crazy suite of girls and I never would have made it through that year without her. 

Sophomore year: Morrison dorm with Sarah. Sarah was one of those girls who had it all- she was beautiful, smart, and outgoing. On top of all that, she was incredibly athletic and could master any sport within minutes of practicing.

Junior year: North Street with (L-R) 1st row: Lander, Kara, me; 2nd row: Jill, Emma, Meller, Syd, standing: Mackenzie, Julia . I can't even explain how much fun it was to live with eight other girls, even though we all had our days where we just wanted a little more space than our house could provide. Meller and I shared the best room. It was yellow and its bright glow could be seen from the street on sunny days. This picture was taken shortly after rushing Franklin Street  after UNC won the National Championship in 2009.  

Senior year: McCauley Street with (L-R) me, Amy, Caroline, Abby, Meller, Danielle, and Sarah. I have to admit, I was a little worried about this living situation when the school year began but I ended up loving it. Meller and I shared a room again. She was the best roommate I could ever hope for and I'm glad we lived together for two whole years. 208 was the perfect college house-near campus and plenty of room for mismatched couches that we piled onto to watch Gossip Girl or the Olympics (when we could get our tv to turn 0n).

Grad School: Greenville with Meredith and Sandy. We lived in an awesome condo a few miles from ECU's campus next door to an older couple named Bob and Sue who brought us over a watermelon on one of our first days after moving in.

Unemployment: Clark Ave. in Raleigh. Currently I live with six other girls (Blair, Kristin, Rita, Jill, Shelby, and Amber) and even though I've only been here a month, it's been a lot of fun. Everyone is quirky and energetic, and always seem to have some funny story to tell.

Living with large numbers of people has taught me how to mellow out, to accept that things (the bathroom, kitchen, etc.) will NEVER be as clean, and that in the event I ever live alone, I want a matching set of glasses. 

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