Sunday, March 27, 2011

The cold & I go to D.C.

Hannah enjoying a Dangerously Delicious lunch.
Paul & I really know how to cut loose.
Sydney & I at the Capitol

This weekend I took a train up to D.C. to visit Sydney and Hannah. We had a lot of fun in spite of the cold weather. I could have stayed there for another week but alas, all good things must come to an end.

On Friday, they had to work so I spent the day figuring out the metro system, shopping, and visiting the National Portrait Museum where several of Alexis Rockman's portraits are on exhibit. I've never really appreciated museums until the past couple of years. I always got frustrated and felt that I was missing something when I looked at a painting, picture, or sculpture. Once I gave up trying to "figure it out," museums became way more enjoyable. Another major bonus of this day was getting lunch with Hannah from Dangerously Delicious' food truck. We both got BBQ pie, which is exactly what it sounds like- BBQ in a pie crust. Yum!

Saturday was another major museum day. Sydney introduced my friend Paul and I to Eastern Market where we got breakfast and perused the different vendors' booths before heading over the Mall. We managed to see quite a bit  but still didn't make it past the Washington Memorial. We took a tour of the National Space and Air Museum where I learned more about the history of flight than school ever taught me.  We also battled the crowds through the Natural History Museum to see the Hope diamond and the Museum of National History before declaring we were museumed out.

That night we went to Georgetown, which is by far the spiffiest college town I've ever seen, for dinner and a little bit of shopping. We drove by Georgetown Cupcake, where D.C. Cupcakes is filmed, and there were people lined up for more than a block just to get a cupcake. I'd have to be offered a cupcake made of diamonds and hugs to wait in a line that long in freezing weather.

This morning when we woke up, there was snow on the ground! I imagine it really put a damper on the Cherry Blossom festivities that began on Saturday in D.C.Global warming-1, Springtime-0.

Other than the Heels losing tonight, it was an absolutely perfect weekend.

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