Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bad news.

I really thought next week was going to be MY week but now I'm not so sure. Next Tuesday, I'm having my final observation from my university supervisor signaling the very near end of student teaching and that night, Andrew Jenks is coming to speak at ECU. 

Not unlike most people, I've developed a few "theories" on things. One of my theories is that fame and talent are contagious. And believing such things led me to believe that next Tuesday was the perfect day for me to catch both those bugs. Think about it. Andrew Jenks isn't too famous and seems nice enough, so he'd be the perfect candidate to be my boyfriend and usher me into fame.

Then I found out that there are over 450 confirmed guests for this little event and they're all girls. How's he supposed to fall in love with me if there are 449 other people there to ruin the moment? Help me, people. Seriously, what should I do?

In reference to what I wrote yesterday,  another one of my biggest fears is not finding my husby as attractive as I find famous, indie men wearing plaid shirts and glasses. This fear leads me to fear that I'm a gold-digger.  There you have it, I'm a scaredy cat.

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