Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rooney & Scratch

Robert Scwartzman, dream hunk. 
A friend recently told me that previous generations lived to work and that ours is doing it the other way around. I believe it. 

This weekend was great! While I'm getting acclimated to the daily routine of teaching, the weekends have become too far and few.

On Saturday, Emma, her sisters and I went to see Rooney at Cat's Cradle. They're a fun bunch of guys with hair that could be in an Herbal Essences ad. I'm not sure if it was the mixture of having coffee in the afternoon and the sheer adrenaline of being at a concert but I was wired until after 1 am.  Worth it. 

This morning before church, Emma and I tried out Scratch, a new bakery in downtown Durham. We both enjoyed sugar coated muffins and eating outside! This weather is a winter miracle.

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