Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The little things.

What a good day!

Today I'm celebrating being able to wear these heels (fine, wedges) for 14 straight hours today and only coming out of it with 2 tiny blisters. Nothing a little Hello Kitty band-aid couldn't fix. I felt important walking around today, even if they didn't make that horseshoe sound that intimidates little kids so much.

Tomorrow I have the day off work and am planning on getting a lot of reading and writing done before the weekend so I can just enjoy being in the mountains! Since I time-splurged on Middlesex today, unfortunately there won't be much time for it tomorrow.

My friend Jesse just showed me an article titled "Is Fashion Smart?" Good question. What do you think?

And finally, these library themed wedding invitations are just perfect.

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  1. how did I just find out how to follow your blog? Expect many more comments you beautiful chica! LOVE the shoes. And without reading the article I will say fashion is not smart, but it is sensible. Is it smart to wear shoes that make you feel like a toe amputation would be the most humane action? No. But is it sensible to push through the pain because you look and feel fabulous? Yes.


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