Saturday, August 14, 2010

How it turned out.

I thought I'd share pictures of my room here in Greenville. I still have some work to do but here is my progress thus far. Forgive the pictures- I either need a new camera or to learn about how to work with the one I've got.

When you walk into my room from the hallway, this is what you see. The color on the walls is "sweet orchid," which turned out to be more lavender than I expected. It's still a great and versatile color.

This is on the wall directly to the right after you walk into the doorway. This wall is flanked by the door to the hall and the door to my walk-in closet. Strategically, it is also what I wake up and fall asleep to. I like seeing a map of the world first thing in the morning.

This is my bed and the giant (used to be empty) wall behind it. It was difficult to figure out how to decorate this wall without making it look sparse. I love the look of thrown together frames, pictures, posters, paintings and vintage postcards. This wall is clearly my favorite-don't tell the others. It ended up looking like the perfect combination of these two rooms.

This is my desk that overlooks the area where people often walk with their dogs. I've always wanted a desk by a window and now I have it. I hope this is the messiest this desk gets this year! Another fun fact about this window- it also gives me the chance to eavesdrop on what's going on in the medical (maybe dental?) clinic by my apartment. The blinds in the window are broken, so sunlight pours in very early every morning to wake me up. Most of the time, I don't mind.

This is the wall I'm most unhappy with. I had this really beautiful image in my head where all my scarves were hung on the wall like some sort of modern art. The actual wall didn't turn out that way, so I need some suggestions on how to improve it. The chair is where I plan on doing lots of reading once it gets too cold to hang out on patio.

My room and I would love for you to come visit us soon! Happy weekend-ing. I'm spending Saturday night listening to this song and organizing my closet.

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