Monday, June 28, 2010

Tipsy Time.

I have the worst time titling these posts.

I have to admit coming back here from the mountains this weekend was hard. It was a perfect trip with a rambunctious and loving group of people. I woke up excited to be here though, which was a change!

Anyway, today I found/saw a couple of things in Greenville that increased (or began, really) my affection for the town.

The first being that there were people on campus today! As I got off the bus and walked around a bit after showing up early for class, there were swarms of people. That's something I haven't seen here in the past week.

Then this afternoon, I found the perfect most Chapel Hill-esque place downtown. The Tipsy Teapot that I mentioned last week was just what I wanted to find here and their black currant iced tea was much tastier than expected.

In between class and the Tipsy Teapot, I dropped by Target to get some spicy mustard (because no sandwich is complete without it) and left with a family sized bottle of shampoo, mustard, rain boots and a shirt. It's embarrassing how little willpower I have when I walk through those red doors.

I'm still waiting on my computer to get fixed. It crashed on the first day of classes so I've had a loaner since Friday but it's looking like I'm going to be getting a Mac in the near future!

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