Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

So I read about this Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge and decided to give it a go. The object is to wear just 10 pieces of clothing (clothes, shoes, outerwear) and 5 accessories (bags, jewelry, scarves) for 5 days. I though it would be a piece of cake but turns out, it wasn't!

My 10 clothing items:
1. Khaki jacket
2. Black and white checked button-down
3.Black skinny jeans
4. Yellow skirt
5. Gray pocket t-shirt
6. Black elbow length t-shirt
7. Slouch boots
8. Ankle booties
9. Converse sneakers
10. White cardigan

My 5 accessories:
1. Skeleton key necklace
2. Blue and white scarf
3. Black floral headband
4. Black and tan tote bag
5. Green scarf

Also, I guess I should go ahead and apologize for the awkward pictures that are going to ensue with this little project. Apparently 10 seconds is not enough for me to get ready for the camera.

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