Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Muffins Part 2

Today I was feeling particularly domestic and decided to have round 2 with my heart-shaped cupcake pans. So I threw on an apron and got to baking! Last time I made blueberry muffins that ended up a little bit green and a lotta bit weird. My choice today was banana chocolate chip.

After mixing the batter (from a box, of course) and mashing a banana to throw in, I popped the little guys in the oven. Only after I took them out of the oven did I remember that I didn't put a vital ingredient in: the eggs!

Luckily, the banana seem to have saved the day and unlike last time, the muffins actually looked like hearts instead of oddly shaped pointy tumors. I kept the egg absence a secret until after they had eaten one just to see if anyone noticed. They didn't.

Now there's only 3 muffins left. All signs lead to call this batch a success!

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